Jiggling the Web for Nearly Instant Search Engine Rankings

Michael Campbell, publisher of the Internet Marketing Secrets Newsletter and creator of the GooBert 2.0 social media marketing method, has released a controversial website on how to get nearly instant search engine rankings using social media sites and bookmarks. He calls it Jiggling the Web

Regardless if you’re a SEO expert, an anti spam crusader or a regular webmaster in need of more traffic the prospect of getting instant search engine rankings is one that sparks both fear and hope.

Hope that you will get your own site ranked, fear that your competitor will outrank you and for some the fear that the search results will be bloated with useless junk pumped up using the new method.

You can read all about it here, explained by Michael Campbell’s best friend Sammy the Spider, resident of the highly fictional search engine crawlers association:


It’s a lot of reading so I suspect many of you will not make it through everything at first attempt.

Now to the big question: DOES IT WORK? Can you get instant search engine rankings just by jiggling the web?

I believe it does work, not because I saw a unicorn flying out of the page but because I have several people I work with that have described variations of the exact same method and they all say it works.

Follow the method to the letter using a long tail keyword will in most cases give your a top 10 (and often top 3) ranking in as little as 3 hours.

It’s all about using news sites combined with social bookmarks and a final ping to trigger the THIS IS NEWS button in Googles algorithm. The result is instant search engine rankings for mid-long tail search terms and with a little extra work (that he explans) you can also rank for mid competition terms using this strategy.

Jiggling the Web for Instant Search Engine Rankings

Now go read that article if you didn’t already!


P.S. I’m doing a little experiment here, I’m going to release this blog post using the strategy outlined in Jiggling the Web for Instant Search Engine Rankings.

If the strategy works, by the time you read this I should already be on the first page of Google for the term “Instant Search Engine Rankings”, let’s see.

P.P.S There’s some good tips on the Affiliate Best Programs blog on how to get indexed by Google. Going through their checklist after jiggling the web will increase your organic position on the long run.

Having Problems with Ping-O-Matic and Firefox?

I just started using Ping-O-Matic, a service for broadcasting your ping to multiple other ping services at the push of a button.

The problem is there’s something wrong with Pingomatic.com and Firefox (and IE in some instances). I can successfully submit the first feed, but when submitting the next feed the form breaks and I can only see the first input box for the Blog name.

Not nice…

I found a post at Jaypee Online discussing the Ping O Matic problems at length. The solution they provided, to clear the cookies for Ping-O-Matic, I didn’t like that too much, it’s a hassle clearing the cookies for a specific site only. And I don’t want to clear all cookies having to fill in my details at a million sites again.

My solution:  As I normally use Firefox for my surfing, I now use Internet Explorer for Ping-O-Matic. And even though the version of Internet Explorer I use have the exact same problem, I can now clear ALL cookies. As I don’t use IE for anything else it’s not a problem that the other cookies are wiped as collateral damage.

So when I need to submit a feed, I open IE, hit Tools->Internet Options and Delete… I then hit Delete again and I’m done. I can now go to Ping-O-Matic and submit my next feed.

Back in Firefox my cookies are not changed as I did the delete in Internet Explorer.

TIP: If your version of Internet Explorer does not experience this problem or if you have another browser, like Chrome, you can use that browser for your Ping-O-Matic submissions and use Firefox for everything else.